About Us

Why we are here

Malawi is the 8th poorest country in the world, despite recent progress in some areas. It is landlocked with a population of 20 million:
  • 74% of the population lives below the international extreme poverty line of $2 a day
  • 80% depend on rain-fed agriculture, extremely vulnerable to climate change
  • Malawi’s HIV prevalence of 8% is one of the highest in the world
  • Only 62% of Malawi’s adult population can read and write
  • 85% of Malawians have no electricity
  • Malawi only has one doctor for 53,000 people

How we work

We train local churches and communities (including other faith groups), to work together, take responsibility for their own development and achieve holistic change. We have offices in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Zomba and Chikwawa. We work in nearly 400 communities across Malawi, supporting about 400,000 people.

How it all began

Famine hit Malawi in 2002. Living Waters Church set up Eagles to help tackle hunger in the villages and find long-term solutions to the food crisis. Our vision, now a reality, was to equip churches in every district to work with their communities to bring change using local resources and reach those most in need.

Senior Managment Team

Eagles operate across Malawi and our dedicated staff are essential.

Victor Mughogho

Eagles director; Board Secretary, Board of Governance
I joined Eagles because of my passion for social justice. I care deeply about the poor and under-privileged. That’s why I am doing the work I do. I enjoy my work most when I see change happening in the poor people we are helping, when we make a real difference in someone’s life, when we manage to put a smile back on someone who was needy and couldn't afford a smile. The biggest challenges I face are the pressure of work, ensuring the most important things get done and lack of resources. I fail many times but I do not give up. I keep learning and trying to improve all the time. I am married to a lovely lady called Charity. She is a banker, working with Standard Bank. We have four children - Caroline, Joshua, Wezi, and Watipaso.

Cuthbert Gondwe

Church Mobilisation Manager
I joined Eagles because I am passionate about what it is doing — I see us make a difference in people’s lives. I believe God called me.I love spending time with people in the villages, discussing their issues together, getting confused together, finding solutions together and then celebrating together. The biggest challenge I face is when I find that injustice just stands in people’s way. Some situations look impossible and you have to go a long way to find the answers. I have a wife, Florence, and three children: Lumbani, Walinasi and Walisungu. We are always discussing Eagles’ issues—my family works for Eagles!

Jimmy Likagwa

Church Mobilisation Coordinator
I came to Eagles just to help out at the start. I had my own business and a family to feed, so I was reluctant to work there full-time. But when I prayed I felt real excitement about the work and being part of the team. I love people, especially working with the vulnerable. I enjoy challenging, inspiring and encouraging local leaders to help the poor. My biggest challenge is that the work is so big. It is hard to visit all the places where we are needed. I don’t have much time to rest, even at weekends. My wife, Nancy, runs a grocery stall. We have two boys and a girl: Orton, Blessing and Theodora.

Esneli Mbamba

Finance and Administration Manager
I joined Eagles because I wanted to be part of an organisation that brings change in the lives of the poor and felt I had the right qualifications to help. I enjoy so much supporting the field staff to do their work by getting funds to them and reports to the donors in good time. Having enough funds for the projects gives me great joy. My work involves bringing together data from all the other staff members to produce good financial reports – it is very challenging when this information is delayed. My husband Wellington is an Accountant at Malawi Housing Corporation. I have two girls: Alinuswe and Natasha

Trywell Khonje

Eagles Monitoring, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
I am an environmental scientist. For me it’s about programmes that touch lives, where you actually see the transformation. As long as we are changing lives I want to be part of that team. Working with rural communities – that is awesome. I enjoy compiling evidence of real change— seeing us making a difference. But as my colleagues will also tell you, I love graphs—I think in graphs and I speak in graphs! I get very concerned when we are not meeting our targets...when things do not go as planned. I find it challenging when I have to chase our field officers for information. I have a lovely wife Ruth who works in the Ministry of Agriculture. We married in 2009. We have two children: Joel and Deborah.

Trustees and Board Members

Our leadership ensures the best accountability and transparency in operations

Apostle Dr. Stanley Ndovie

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
President and Founder, Living Waters Church International

Jack Mhango

Treasurer of the Board of Trustees; Board of Governance; Member, HR, Audit and Governance Committee
Financial Controller

Mabvuto Hara

Trustee and Legal Advisor
Partner, Hara & Associates

Stella Kasirye

Trustee; Board of Governance; Member, Programmes and Strategy Committee
Africa Representative, Willow Creek Community

Eziron Chamdimba

Trustee; Board Chairperson
Managing Director, Chiwale Coach Services

Ipyana Mlagha

Head of Internal Audit, MTL

Cynthia Banda

Treasurer, Board of Governance; Chairperson, Finance and Resource Mobilisation Committee
Chief Accountant, Old Mutual Life Assurance Company

Pastor Gabriel Gondwe

Church mobilisation and church links, media and communications, Board of Governance; Member, Finance and Resource Mobilisation Committee
Station Manager, Living Waters Church Radio

Richard Kunjawa

Board of Governance; Chairperson, HR Audit and Governance Committee
Chief Administration Officer & Company Secretary at Peoples Trading Center Limited

Melton Luhanga

Board of Governance; Chairperson, Programmes and Strategy Committee
Executive Director, Churches Action and Relief Development

Maggie Banda

Board of Governance; Member, Programmes and Strategy Committee
Executive Director, Women’s Legal Resources Centre
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