Disaster strikes Malawi

Catastrophic flooding has hit Malawi after days of non-stop rain. The President has declared a state of disaster. The flooding has already impacted 100,000 people, with 23 dead and 11 missing - although the death toll is likely to rise. Many districts have been affected. Houses, bridges and roads have been damaged or destroyed, crops ruined and livestock swept away. People urgently need shelter and food.

The team from Eagles Relief and Development is uniquely placed to respond to the disaster quickly. They have staff on the ground in the affected areas and well-established links to the communities and to the government. There is a plan in place to take people from short-term rescue to long-term recovery. With advice and training, the Eagles staff will help communities to work together as they rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

How we can respond

Please stand in solidarity with the thousands who have lost everything they have worked so hard for.

Any donation you can give will be put to good use.