Helping vulnerable people

Protecting children

Caring for the elderly and disabled

Supporting the
HIV/AIDS affected


The village childcare centres reduce malnutrition among vulnerable under-5 children. The communities grow food to give the children a good lunch.

“When my children go to nursery, I can get on with all my work at home and in the fields. …It helps all the village children adjust to school and do well in class.” (Felista, mother of 5)

Eagles gets churches across the country to care for orphans, paying for their school uniforms, pens and books. They also help provide for their basic needs, such as food and housing.


Eagles trains churches of all denominations to work together and identify people that are most in need in their communities. They offer practical help to people who cannot care for themselves.

The churches use their own money, time and other resources to provide for vulnerable people. They help rebuild and repair their houses so they have decent shelter and space to live. They provide basic provisions like blankets. They help people value and include elderly and disabled people in normal life, reducing the stigma they sometimes face.


Youth clubs put on plays for their communities, warning them about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and how to prevent its spread. Eagles works with local government health services to run campaigns, encouraging people to go for HIV tests and to reduce discrimination and stigma.

We help people with HIV access medical treatment and form support groups, which include other family and community members too. Groups meet regularly for counselling, mutual support and to share experiences, helping them make the most of their lives.