Improving incomes and food security

Growing more crops

Tackling drought

Rearing livestock


Eagles helps people grow different crops, such as fruit trees, as well as sweet potatoes and cassava, which are more drought resistant than maize – their staple diet.
Villages set up community allotments where they learn to produce more seed. They share the seed with every family so that they can grow more food on their own land.


Encouraged by Eagles, farmers use treadle or motorised pumps to irrigate their fields. This helps them produce more crops and extend the growing season.


Eagles provides families with livestock to help them improve their nutrition and generate income. Each household gives back the same number of animals as they received, so they can be used to help another family.

“After my chickens are fully grown, I will be able to raise some money from selling eggs and support my children.” (Naliyeti Malenga, a widow and mother of 5)