Partner with communities in Malawi to transform lives:


£10 will provide a farmer with 5 kgs of maize seed for winter cropping. This can result in an extra 40 kgs of maize which will feed the whole family for a month.

£20 will purchase 50 Kgs of Urea which will produce 250 kg of fertiliser when mixed with locally available manure, ash and maize husks. This will benefit 25 farmers (potentially increasing their harvest by 50%).

£40 - enables a person to take part in a village savings and loans group, providing a whole family with a long-term livelihood.

£100 – buys one motorised treadle pump so families can irrigate their land, extend their food yield by four months and save to buy more pumps that help other families.

Through our Malawi office

Send a cheque to the Eagles office in Blantyre:

          PO Box 369, Blantyre

Deposit money in the Eagles account:

Address: National Bank of Malawi, Victoria Ave, P.O Box 947, Blantyre, MALAWI
Account name: Eagles Relief Steering Committee
Account no: 461048

Email Eagles for acknowledgement of your gift.

Through our UK charity

Send a cheque to:

          Malawi Support
          32 Corston Lane
          Corston, Bath BA2 9AE

Deposit money in the Eagles’ Malawi Support account:

Address: HSBC Bank PLC, 45 Milsom Street, Bath  BA1 1DU, UK
Account name:    Malawi Support
Account No.    32318547
Bank sort Code:   40-09-19

Donate online


Generous supporters of Eagles have had many creative ideas over the years, including a ten hour ‘roundathon’, sales of everything from cakes and chocolate to crafts and cards, skydiving and asking wedding guests to donate to Eagles rather than give a present. Please get involved, let us know what you are up to, and how we can support you.