Caring for the environment

Planting trees

Tackling floods

Improving sanitation


Eagles trains communities how to plant and care for trees, creating nurseries to grow the seedlings before establishing small woods in areas prone to flooding. The trees help to contain floods and protect houses, fields, livestock and people from literally being washed away. Communities also use them as live fencing to protect their crops from livestock.


As well as planting trees, we work with government and non-government organisations to coordinate flood prevention and agree where communities need to build dykes and storm drains. We maintain and protect river banks, shoring them up and planting grasses.

We help communities prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters through early warning systems and making contingency plans.


Eagles helps villages successfully apply to government for boreholes that will provide them with safe water, close to home. Communities plant trees around the boreholes to conserve underground water. They learn how to maintain and repair them when needed. Eagles also trains them in basic hygiene, getting them to build pit latrines as toilets and throw rubbish in pits.

“Since this change, no one has died of cholera.” (Sophia, 22)